Detroit 60 series intake manifold torque specs

The series 60g air intake pressure aip sensor is threaded into the intake manifold. Check out 80 detroit series 60 intake manifold parts p2 for sale. Detroit diesel 60 series detroit diesel engine torque spec. Detroit forum series 60 bolt torque 4034 on 20100108. For the correct tightening sequence, see figure 112. Detroit diesel series 60 service manual pdf download. In 1993, it was popular on many usa buses in the 11. Detroit diesel series 60 complete exhaust manifold nonegr. Series 60 detroit diesel engines catalog page 265, exhaust manifold groups.

Detroit series 60 engine bolt torque specs on all fixya. Detroit series 60 engine bolt torque specs on all components. Tighten tighten the bolts on the first sequence to 8 nm 71 lb in. Tighten all spipe clamps to the proper torque specification. Complete exhaust manifold for a detroit diesel series 60 nonegr engine. Any help with avoiding surprises or oops would be greatly appreciated. Detroit diesel series 60 specs, bolt torques and manuals. Check out 83 detroit series 60 intake manifold parts for sale. Question what are torque specs for series 60 detroit. Manifold key benefits 20% increase in airflow over stock 75100 degree cooling of egts made in the usa warranty. This is the perfect replacement part for your truck. Knowing this allows you to estimate the power of the various detroit diesel series 60 engine torque specs.

Engine detroit diesel series 60 ddec vi troubleshooting manual 403 pages. Search our large inventory of rebuiltnewcore detroit 60 ser 12. Torque specs pressure plate to fly wheel 60 series detroit deisel. Detroit series 60 engine rebuild kits, overhaul kits. Weve got an 06 freightliner fld 120 sd with a 60 series detroit. Air intake pressure sensor series 60g engine detroit. The intake manifold bolt torque specification is 90 pounds. Page 20 additional service information is available in the detroit diesel series 60 service manual, 6se483. Tip of intake valve figure 4 intake valve adjustment. The next revision to this manual will include the revised information. What is series 60 detroit diesel oil pan bolt torque specification. See figure cylinder head assembly and mating components. The series 60 was designed to be a more fuel efficient option for the heavyduty market. Series 60 ceramic coated exh manifold for detroit 0407.

There is a line that goes from under the intake manifold to supply air to. Diagnostic codes, 639 air intake manifold diesel, 68 air intake system components, 63 air system chart, i i air system series 60 gas low pressure, 65 airtoair cooler duct, 158 alternator mounting bracket, 810 alternator, model 25si, 85. The mating surface of the manifold and cylinder head is machined. Since 1919, cummins incorporated has built powerful diesel engines for. Intake manifold bolts 2325 ftlbs oil pump bolt 2328 ftlbs.

Detroit diesel series 60 engine specificsations, spec sheets, workshop repair. The 1999 pontiac cylinder head gasket bolt torque specification is 160 pounds. For specs and install options on the 14 liter detroit 60 series please contact our sales department at 8883354181, send us a message on our contact page, or open up the chat window at the bottom of the page if an agent is available. Detroit diesel series 60 essential diesel engine bolt tightening torques. Detroit diesel series 60 technician egr manual martins marine. Tighten the bolts on the second sequence to 12 nm 106 lb in. On may 31, 2012, a question titled intake manifold torque 5305 was added to the detroit forum on diesel talk. How to increase horsepower on a detroit diesel series 60. Follow crosspattern bolt torquing sequence and multiple stage process leading up to the final torque process. What is the tightening sequence for series 60 detroit oil pan bolts. Detroit diesel series 92 torque specifications pc industries. We help you find the heavy duty truck parts that you need. View and download detroit diesel epa04 series 40 operators manual online.

Torque is the force which propels the vehicle, measured in the number of pounds it can exert per foot. Detroit series 60 exhaust manifold raneys truck parts. Tighten the bolts on the final sequence to 15 nm 11 lb ft. The detroit diesel corporation started in 1938 as a part of general motors, but its now part of the tognum and daimler ag companies. The series 60 engines are detroit diesel engines that are generally used for hauling vehicles that require a substantial amount of torque. Detroit 60 series exhaust manifold removal part 2 youtube. Detroit series 60 ddec 2 black smoke at low manifold.

Torque bolts to 5873 nm 4354 lbft using the proper tightening sequence. Detroit forum intake manifold torque 5305 on 20120531. Detroit diesel series 60 repair manuals and spec sheets. Detroit diesels inline 6 cylinder series 60 engine has been a success from the start of production in 1987. Are you needing to replace your old exhaust manifold kit. Dda tech for 30 years,all 2 cycle,series 60,50 mbe also. Detroit diesel series 60 engine fitzgerald glider kits. What are the torque specs for a series 60, detroit engine. How to change the thermostats on detroit diesel series 60 in a 2008 freightliner cascadia. Boltflywheel housing balance weight cover, 2025, 2734. The series 60 cylinder head combines intake and exhaust valve porting and fuel injector seats with water jacketing to cool the ports, injectors and combustion chamber area. Left side just below the intake manifold and above the castin detroit diesel logo. Leaks oil at exhaust manifold to vocational, technical or tr.

The series 60g natural gas engines use a wide range sensor that allows pressure measurement under conditions of either manifold vacuum or boost. On diesel engines, the intake charge air is routed to the individual cylinders by an intake manifold that is bolted to the cylinder head with seven bolts. Detroit diesel is headquartered in detroit, michigan, and specializes in both heavy and mediumduty diesel engines. A ported exhaust manifold can increase the horsepower that your engine achieves by up to 35 percent. Detroit series 60 rocker arm torque specs detroit series 60 rocker arm torque specs book results. What is the torquing specifications for the intake. Series 60, detroit diesel, ddc, ddec and the spinning arrows design are. There are 10 bolts holding the intake manifold onto. Unfollow detroit diesel manifold to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Detroit series 60 ddec 2 black smoke at low manifold pressure.

Need the torque specs for intake and exhaust manifold. Detroit diesel series 60 pdf workshop manual 2006, 1685 pages click to download. It usually has 3 wires, and sometimes can be buried in the harness, so you may have. Detroit diesel epa04 series 40 operators manual pdf.

Looking for torque specifications for detroit diesel engines. Fastener type torque spec main cap bolts 6070 ftlbs outer main cap bolts 3540 ftlbs. Aftermarket exhaust manifolds for detroit diesel series 60. The torque specification varies depending on the location of the manifolds bolt. Detailed component view of threepiece exhaust manifold with fey rings. P025809,23531110, a23531110, 631291, detroit diesel series 60 intake manifold gasket, detroit diesel s60 intake manifold gasket, ddc series 60 intake manifold gasket,ddc s60 intake manifold gasket, detroit diesel manifold gaskets, ddc manifold gaskets, detroit diesel s60 gaskets, ddc s60 gaskets, intake manifold gasket for ddc, intake manifold. Detroit diesel series 60 cylinder head bolts prior to 2002 torque 250 285 nm, 184 210 lb. What are the torque specs for detroit 60 series engine 12. Manifold torque bolts to 5566 turbo bolts 43 ft lbs, band clamps, 912 ft lbs if this helped you, please hit accept,as this is the only way i get paid if not get back to me. Install any other equipment that was removed for this procedure.

Detroit diesel series 53 torque specifications pc industries. Series 60 ceramic coated exh manifold for detroit 9503. At that time, it differed from most onhighway engines by using an overhead camshaft and drive by wire electronic control. Hey my 04 detroit 60 is coughing aand sputtering and blowing light blue smoke now and then and at the same time the turbo seems like it wont spool up. The first series 60 engine was made in 1987, the year before detroit diesel corporation was officially born. The detroit diesel series 60 is an inlinesix 4 stroke diesel engine produced since 1987. What is the torquing specifications for the intake manifold on a 430 detroit series 60.

Given the demand for more fuel efficient vehicles in the 1980s, the series 60 quickly became a popular engine. We put a clear hose in the return and as soon as it hit max torque you would see bubbles in the fuel. Theres a pretty strong air leak at one of the slip joints on the exhaust manifold. What are the torque specs for a series 60, detroit engine exhaust maniford and turbo. Detroit diesel series 60 displacement, arrangement and compression ratio displacement 11. What is the tightening sequence for series 60 detroit oil. Is there a one piece manifold available for this engine. As a convenience to holders of the series 60 service manual, information in service manual format is attached. Lifting eye 2 valve figure 2 major component locations, left side view all. Boltrocker cover holddown special 12point, 1520, 2027. The intake manifold bolts of this particular engine should be torqued to 35 footpounds for accuracy. After final torque is achieved, turn each bolt 90 degrees 14 turn clockwise with a single smooth pull of the wrench. The air intake housing unit is held together by a series of bolts.

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