Conjunctival lymphoma salmon patch

He reported mild itching and intermittent foreign body sensation. Bulbar involvement is more common, usually more easily recognized, and is associated with a better prognosis than malt lymphoma of the palpebral conjunctiva. Conjunctival lymphoma classically manifests as a pink salmoncolored, smoothsurfaced subconjunctival mass, sometimes with feeder vessels figure 2. An unusual presentation of pediatric conjunctival mucosa. Pathology analysis of biopsied tissue allows your eye cancer specialist to determine. It is the third most common malignancy involving the conjunctiva, behind squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma 4. Diagnosis and management of malignant tumors of the eye. Diagnosis and treatment of conjunctival lymphoma american.

Another presentation is that of a chronic follicular conjunctivitis fig. Diagnosis and treatment matthew samuel gambino academy home. Conjunctiva is the primary site of involvement in onethird of. Conjunctival lymphoma classically presents as a chronic, sessile, pinkcolored subepithelial conjunctival mass described as a salmon patch fig. A conjunctival cyst is a cyst on your conjunctiva, which is a clear membrane covering your outer eye. Classification, diagnosis, and management of conjunctival. Approximately 515% of all extranodal lymphomas are found in the ocular adnexal region, with approximately 25%. Conjunctival lymphoma is most common in the 5th to 7th decades, with a slight female predominance 1,3. Most oals are of the nonhodgkins stage ie extranodal lowgrade bcell variety.

This cyst often looks like a clear bubble on the surface of the eye. Red colored tumors on the eye can be a presenting sign of systemic. Lymphoma of the conjunctiva new york eye cancer center. Conjunctival lymphoma can appear clinically identical to reactive lymphoid hyperplasia. Features such as rapid growth, invasion of surrounding tissues, ulceration and presence of feeder vessels support a diagnosis of lymphoma. Salmon patchconjunctival lymphoma a 53yearold otherwise healthy gentleman presented to our ophthalmology clinic with a pink mass in his left eye, which had been present for 2 months and was not responsive to corticosteroid eye drops. Feeder vessels and rapid growth are not typically seen in lymphoma.

Lymphoma is a cancer of the cells that fight infection b and tcells and can occur anywhere in the body. Conjunctival lymphoma classically presents as a chronic, sessile, pinkcolored subepithelial conjunctival mass described as a salmon patch. Lymphoma is a malignant lymphoproliferative tumor that can involve the conjunctiva. Conjunctival lymphoma is an ocular surface tumor that usually appears as a painless, salmonpink, fleshy patch. Conjunctival malt lymphoma characteristically manifests as a painless fleshycoloured salmonpatch lesion arising from the fornix.

Marginal zone bcell lymphoma malttype lymphoma is the most frequent subtype identified on biopsy and immunohistochemical studies. Slit lamp photo showing salmon colored patch with telangiectatic vessels in caruncle of left eye. This smooth, multilobulated mass can resemble follicular or papillary conjunctivitis. Conjunctival lymphoma is a form of cancer but it is usually quite low grade and patients tend to do well with a slow course. Physical examination examination can reveal a salmon colored mass or patch, chemosis, ptosis, hyperemia, dryness, and epiphora, among. The differential diagnosis of conjunctival lymphoma includes benign reactive lymphoid hyperplasia, benign ocular surface tumors such as pyogenic granuloma, papilloma, malignant tumors such as squamous cell carcinoma, foreign body granuloma, amyloid deposition, and chronic follicular conjunctivitis. Conjunctival lymphoma is the second most common ocular adnexal tumor and generally manifests as a salmonpink patch on the fornix of the eye. Classification, diagnosis, and management of conjunctival lymphoma. It usually presents as a salmonpink nodular patch involving the bulbar conjunctiva. More specific key signs for a conjunctival lymphoma include the presence of a fleshy, vascularized, salmoncoloredfishflesh swollen patch that is freely mobile. On the eye, conjunctival lymphoma appears as a painless pink tumor hidden up under the eyelids.

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