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Images depicting the largest changes in global eustatic sea level that have been inferred from geological studies. Academic references to climate change reconsidered. Cambridge core environmental policy, economics and law global warming by john. Climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human.

In this book, lynas draws on scientific research on climate change to predict how the planet will be affected by each degree of temperature rise. A warmer atmosphere from global warming leads to a warmer ocean and increase in sea level, after a time lag for the heat transfer and mixing to deeper levels to occur. Discover librarianselected research resources on global warming from the questia online library, including fulltext online books, academic journals. List of books and articles about global warming online research. The light blue color shows an estimate of the coastline of the eastern united states during the last glacial maximum, about 20,000. So in a nutshell, global warming is an increase in the earths overall. Consider also including climate change in your summer reading plans. It is extremely likely 95100% probability that most of the global warming since 1950 has been due to human influences. Global warming by john houghton cambridge university press. Visible, shortwave light comes from the sun to the earth, passing unimpeded through a blanket of thermal, or greenhouse, gases composed largely of water. Global warming and its effects, such as more intense summer and winter storms, are also referred to as climate change. A new online environmental science book for college students, r. Greenhouse gases are opaque to longwave radiation and therefore, heat is trapped in the atmosphere. List of books and articles about global warming online.

A general overview of global warming and the science behind its understanding. But, for a general audience, a book festooned with footnotes and a massive. References advancing the science of climate change the. Cambridge core climatology and climate change global warming by john houghton. The books gathered here offer ways to improve ones health and. The temperature of the atmosphere near the earths surface is warmed through a natural process called the greenhouse effect. The global warming debate, report of the european science and environment forum, london 1996, p. Book summary views reflect the number of visits to the book and chapter. This short, animated video looks at evidence of a rapidly warming planet. John houghton, former chairman of the intergovernmental panel on climate. Global warming is the gradual heating of earths surface, oceans and atmosphere. This video is part of the climate science in a nutshell series.

This radiation reaches the earths surface, heats it, and reradiates it as longwave radiation. This rise in heat is global warming, in a nutshell. Geological survey openfile report 96000 by peter n. Global warming in a nutshell greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are transparent to incoming shortwave solar radiation.

Global warming in a nutshell canadian association for. Global warming theory starts with the assumption that the earth naturally maintains a constant average temperature, which is the result of a balance between 1 the amount of sunlight the earth absorbs, and 2 the amount of emitted infrared ir radiation that the earth continuously. Global warming monitoring references national centers. Buy the print book view book online check for additional. A complaint about bennetts primer is a lack of indepth references. Read these 3 books about global warming the new york times.

Knowledgeaction systems for seasonal to interannual climate forecasting. Books on global warming, climate change books, climate change. Global warming theory in a nutshell updated june 3, 2019 every scientific theory involves assumptions. Global gridded pliocene and late quaternary sea level. Spencer, rw et al 1990 global atmospheric temperature monitoring with satellite microwave measurements. Climate is changing, forced out of the range of the. It discusses how air bubbles in ice cores can be used to estimate earths average air temperature for thousands of years and how direct measurements document air temperatures from 1880. Search for articles, products, and data at the national centers for environmental information search field. Multiple lines of evidence confirm that the extra heat being trapped by greenhouse gases is. Figure prepared from published data by the sea level group at csiro the australian national scientific research organization.

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